Biometric Access Control

At Mitrefinch we specialise in biometric technology, in fact it is our most popular product for its security, ease of use and accuracy which makes it great for access control.

Biometrics measures features of the body unique to that person, like the pattern of veins under your skin, to confirm the identity of a person. Once our system knows this it can confirm if that person is certified to enter a building or area.  


What can Biometrics do for you?



Biometrics - This can be the sole means of registering your attendance or access to an area or we can combine it with a key card of fob for that extra level of security.


Security – Pin numbers, cards and fobs can all be easily misused, lost or stolen, potentially this allows someone to use an employee’s privilege without their knowledge. Biometrics provide a more secure alternative and can provide an additional level of security for your business.

Calculations available to help you

Cut costs – Biometrics can eliminate costs from the very start, not only will the misuse of employee’s privileges be dramatically reduced but the costs of replacing key cards and fobs will also be reduced.

Track HR process

Improve health and safety – By ensuring the correct employee is in the correct area of your business and they are not working beyond their allocated hours.

Custom Design

Internal and external – Our biometric devices can be housed externally and internally to meet your needs.


Turnstiles – We can also use our biometric technology within turnstiles to provide a one stop solution for access control on your premises. See our turnstile page for more information.

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