Cirteq Ltd Case Study

For generations, wherever there have been moving parts in industry and manufactured products, Cirteq precision circlips have served a vast range of applications. Today the name Cirteq is recognised for supplying the definitive product the world over - from automotive, aerospace and general engineering industries to manufacturers of the simplest, everyday household goods. 

Just as Cirteq covers all the bases for your circlip needs Mitrefinch covers all your bases for Time and Attendance, and Payroll needs.

Mitrefinch provide Cirteq with 21st century Time and Attendance software, which helps to improve punctuality, give employees a sense of control by allowing them to see schedules, hours worked, holiday time, and other remaining entitlements without having to consult HR. Managers love the system because they can access from PC tablet or mobile and quickly approve holiday requests and other similar functions.

We also provide Payroll to Cirteq, our system incorporates the latest auto enrolment guidelines, we link the Time and Attendance data we gain to the payroll system to allow accurate payroll quickly and easily. Cirteq can run an array of reports from our payroll software including those needed by HMRC.    

If you’d like to talk to Mitrefnch about how we can help with your Time and Attendance and Payroll needs simply get in touch.