The Forestry Commission - Case Study

The Aberystwyth office has run a Mitrefinch web enabled time and attendance and access control system since January 2004. They operate both terminal and online clocking and the majority of their staff use the system to monitor their flexible working.

They find the system of great benefit over their previous paper based system, reducing administration time and allowing more effective reporting. They find the flex balance reports of particular benefit to management and are looking to implement anomaly reports in the near future to allow supervisors to view team members who have not complied with their work rules.

A number of staff members are part time and managers find the ability to pro-rata allowances through the system reduces administration and ensures compliance. They also use the minimum lunch clocking to encourage staff to take their break entitlements.

They advise they have been pleased with the training received and have always found the support staff to be friendly and helpful.