Nestle UK - Case Study

Nestle is not only a UK recognised brand but a house-hold name globally, and have been part of the UK landscape since the 1860s. Nestle is now a major UK employer of 6,500 members of staff across 20 sites.

Mitrefinch provides Time and Attendance and Access Control for Nestle UK. Allowing their sizeable workforce to sign in and out of work and site, creating a secure working environment and allowing HR to report on a multitude of metrics. We have been proud to be able to work with Nestle as they have grown through the years.

With our Time and Attendance System Nestle reduce absenteeism and improve productivity, their employees can access the Mitrefinch system through PC, tablet or mobile and line managers can easily approve or reject holiday requests.

With our Access Control system Nestle benefit from our heritage and experience of dealing with over 450 sites using our Access Control system. Being able to analyse, monitor, report, authorise and control access to areas their premises, and then being able to see an audit trail of where an employee has been on site, is immensely important to them.

Having these two powerful systems working in tandem is great for Nestle and it could be great for you, contact us on 01904 565919 or fill out one of the forms on this page and let us help you like we help Nestle.