Gordon and MacPhail

In 1895 Gordon and MacPhail started a family grocers, tea, wine and most notably a spirit merchant. In 1950 it had amassed the largest range of malt whiskies in the world, as most distilleries didn’t keep their own single-malt, so Gordon and MacPhail single-handedly kept single malt whisky alive through the post-war decades.

Mitrefinch are privileged to call Gordon and MacPhail a customer, we work with them to provide Time and Attendance, HR and Payroll systems.

With Time and Attendance we allow Gordon and MacPhail to reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality, line managers can quickly and easily approve leave requests, and leave slots can be created to prevent employees with the same job all going on leave at the same time.

With our HR product Gordon and MacPhail benefits from having one central location for their HR documents and records. This allows them to retrieve important documents quickly and easily, back date or future date changes to employee details and report on a number of different statistics including point in time analysis.

Our payroll product obviously handles auto-enrolment for Gordon and MacPhail but it also easily links to the workforce data created in the Time and Attendance software to inform the payroll part of the system.

With Mitrefinch’s excellent suite of products Gordon and MacPhail will continue to be the global force in whisky making for many years to come.

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