“Staff took to the system exceptionally quickly and team leaders were delighted to have so much information at their fingertips, helping them to manage their staff without the need to request the information from HR.”


NCH Marketing

NCH Marketing, the UK’s largest couponing and marketing services company, was founded in 1970 by AC Nielsen as the country’s first coupon clearing house. Since its inception, the company has grown to secure approx 85% of the market. It currently runs Mitrefinch’s HR, time and attendance and payroll systems.

Today its client list includes top FMCG manufacturers, major retailers, airlines and publishers. In the region of 340 million coupons and vouchers are processed by NCH Marketing each year and the company also handles consumer databases. The company employs 480 staff in its UK headquarters in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Until 2002 the company operated a time and attendance system which had been configured in the early 1980s. This was replaced with Mitrefinch’s TMS system and the company has not looked back.

Jayne Busby, HR Manager at NCH Marketing explains: “Our previous system was old, inflexible and expensive to maintain. I was familiar with the Mitrefinch TMS system through a previous company and had been very impressed with how simple and user friendly the system was.

“Mitrefinch demonstrated the system to us and it was clearly evident that that we could harness many of the benefits and bring our HR department into the new millennium.

“Staff took to the system exceptionally quickly and team leaders were delighted to have so much information at their fingertips, helping them to manage their staff without the need to request the information from HR.”

Following the successful implementation of TMS, NCH Marketing reviewed its other HR operations and, as a result, decided to install Mitrefinch’s HR Manager package in 2002.

Jayne explains: “The diary function of the HR Manager package was very impressive and the system’s additional functionality offered the potential to improve the efficiency of our HR department further.”

In 2003, NCH Marketing took on the Mitrefinch Flexipay Payroll system. Payroll had previously been outsourced to a company that was operating a DOS-based system.

Jayne says: ”Having all three systems in place has simplified our working practices and considerably reduced duplication of information. It has definitively saved us money in terms of the cost of maintenance, time and improved efficiency.”

TMS is used daily by HR staff and team leaders. Team leaders are responsible for the input of absences and anomalies as well as running their own reports.

HR Manager is used predominantly by HR staff but team leaders also have access to certainnecessary information.

“The diary function within HR Manager allows team leaders to check, for example, when appraisals and reviews are due. The HR department runs a number of the reports available including salary information for managers.

“The team leaders have found HR Manager to be very user friendly, simple and it holds the right information. The system can be tailored to create drop down menus and the layout can be easily changed to suit our way of working - this has been a tremendous bonus!

“The three systems are linked with TMS feeding information such as hours worked and deductions directly into the Payroll system.”

Jayne adds: “We reap a great number of advantages from running the systems. With accurate, up to date information at the touch of a button we can manage our staff more effectively, whilst at the same time providing a better HR service for our staff.

“Our payroll is much easier to manage onsite and the systems allow us to easily identify any problems with pay by checking hours on TMS.

NCH Marketing also makes full use of the in-built report generator. Jayne continues: “We run most of the reports and have written many of our own. The report generator is flexible to allows us to run reports which provide the management information we require. The reports we use evaluate entitlements, anniversaries, salaries, headcounts, and anomalies. We also output a clockcard report, onsite report and payroll report.”

NCH Marketing is looking to further its use of the technology by creating a new intranet site that will enable staff to book holidays online.