Posted on: 06/04/2017

Creating a healthy business: 5 quick tips for workplace wellness

‘Wellness’ is without a doubt the buzzword of the moment, but have you thought about how it can be applied in the workplace? We all know that happy, healthy employees are more productive, so it makes sense – particularly as it’s Stress Awareness Month – to translate some of what you’ve read in the papers about this trend into your business and see how it can create a positive working environment.


A workplace wellness programme doesn’t have to be costly, elaborate or time consuming either. Of course, there’s much more to employee health and wellbeing than offering lighter options in the canteen, but you’ll be surprised how much small changes can boost your team’s morale. Plus, showing you care about your staff in this way is bound to make them feel appreciated and loyal to you as an employer – and it should go some way to reducing absence, too!


There are lots of simple ways to help you create a ‘healthy’ business, but here are five to see you on your way…


  1. Weekly fruit basket

Something as easy as ordering fresh fruit to the workplace once a week can be really effective. Of course, it can’t be treated as a quick fix or be seen as healthiness being ticked of the to-do list; rather, consider it as one aspect of a wider approach. After all, it can’t hurt to give your staff a boost of essential vitamins and it shows you care!


  1. Offer gym memberships

This one requires a bit more investment, but gym groups offer some great value corporate packages and encouraging movement – whether it’s 20 minutes on the treadmill before work, a spin class at lunch or some weight training post-shift – is bound to energise your team. Exercise is also shown to improve concentration levels, so you could end up with more efficient workers on your hands, too!


  1. Encourage breaks

Wellness isn’t all about eating healthily and going to the gym – the mental wellbeing of colleagues is also a huge consideration for employers. One simple way to help towards this is by encouraging staff to take time away from their desks or work stations at lunchtime or for a 10-minute walk outside late afternoon. Even a quick blast of fresh air can help break the day up and revive people’s energy levels.


If you notice people are staying late to meet deadlines or to keep on top of their to-do list, see what can be done to alleviate pressure and make sure they go home on time – no-one wants an all-nighter!


  1. Be flexible

While not applicable to all types of business, offering flexible working to employees, whether it’s allowing employees to take control of their own working hours, or letting them complete some tasks from home, can be transformational. Even if it’s just giving someone half an hour off here and there if they have family commitments, you can guarantee their mood will improve – and they’ll probably be more productive for you in return!


  1. Speak

In the fast-paced world of business, we can sometimes forget to have actual conversations with our colleagues, resorting instead to a quickly trotted out email. Take the time to put the kettle on and ask your team members what their personal goals are and how you can help, or even just what they have planned for the weekend. Showing an interest in them as a person and not just an employee will surely make them feel more valued.


Got any other tips for improving employee wellness? Let us know on Twitter or LinkedIn how you promote a healthy working life.