Our Policies

Mitrefinch Limited recognises and accepts that concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of the Company’s corporate business strategy.

The  Company  will  seek  to  continually improve and reduce  its  impact  on  the  environment  to  the  lowest practicable minimum, by  recognising  its  responsibilities through a proactive policy on safety in the workplace, prevention of pollution and care  for  the  local environment. The Company is committed to ensuring full compliance with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

The policy will identify:

Management involvement

Managers at all  levels  through  the Company must  take  individual  responsibility  to ensure  that environmental  issues  are  considered  carefully when making  decisions  or when planning  and controlling work.

Workforce involvement

All  employees will  be made  aware  of  their  individual  responsibilities  for acting  in  accordance with the environmental policy.


Appropriate training and instruction will be incorporated into the Company’s in-house training programmes.

Engineering and Safety

Plant  and  systems  of work  are  designed  and maintained  to  the  highest  possible  standard  in order to minimise accidents and unforeseen occurrences.  The Company will endeavour to work closely  with  the  relevant  statutory  bodies  to  meet  all  applicable  legislation  and  improve operating procedures.

Waste reduction and recycling

Careful  consideration will  be  given  to  the  elimination  or minimisation  of waste  at  source  and recycling or reuse of materials.

Waste disposal

Disposal and transport of wastes off site will be carried out in a responsible manner with due regard to all environmental considerations.

Effects of the Community

Noise,  odour,  atmospheric  emissions,  traffic  and  other  aspects  of  the  Company’s  activities, which can affect the local community, will be controlled to the lowest practical level.


Debbie Guppy